At Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital, we truly believe that the most important thing you can do for your animal companion is to make a commitment to wellness care. When you bring your pet in once or twice a year for a checkup, our veterinarians are able to gather a complete and accurate profile of his or her health. We can then use that information to monitor any changes that may occur over time, giving us a much better chance of catching potential problems before they develop further. In short, wellness care can help your pet live longer and vastly improve his or quality of life.

Noah’s Westside offers comprehensive wellness care and preventative medicine services that are designed to assist our patients through every stage of life. Puppies and kittens have different needs than senior pets, and the health care needs of adult companion animals may change over the years. Our wellness care services are designed to address these changing needs and give your pet the best chance at enjoying a long, happy and healthy life.

Wellness visits at Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital include everything from a thorough “nose to tail” physical exam to administering appropriate vaccines to comprehensive parasite prevention, as well as nutritional advice, weight management and basic behavioral counseling. We’ll use this time to ask you a series of questions about your pet’s lifestyle at home so that we can develop a more personalized plan to help address his or her specific needs.

Our wellness care also includes a customized vaccination schedule. Without the proper vaccines, companion animals are at a much greater risk of developing a variety of serious, sometimes life threatening diseases. Yet, not every vaccination is necessary for every pet. Through our detailed health analysis, we’ll gather the information we need to put together a vaccination plan that is perfect for your pet, based on his or her unique lifestyle and risk factors. We want to tailor our approach to ensure that your companion receives exactly the right protection to help keep them happy and healthy.

In addition to managing your pet’s current health status, routine wellness visits also provide our doctors with the opportunity to identify any potential medical concerns so that we can address them right away. In many cases, we are able to prevent or stop the progression of illness and disease early, which can greatly improve the chances of a positive outcome. Early detection of disease is a more effective approach to your pet’s medical care, and it can also save you money over time since it’s always less expensive to deal with an illness in its early stages then it is to treat it once it’s progressed.

At Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital, we strongly recommend the following wellness care protocol for all of our patients:

Complete 12 Body System Examination – One of the most important parts of a wellness visit is the thorough physical exam your pet will receive. This exam will cover all of the most important body systems, both external and internal, to ensure that your companion is healthy and to identify any problems that may exist in a timely manner. Exams are recommended every six months, if possible.

Customized Vaccination Plan – We want to keep our patients safe from the many illnesses and diseases that may threaten their lives, and the best way to do so is through vaccines. We’ll develop a customized vaccination plan that is tailored specifically to your pet so he or she receives precisely the protection needed to keep them healthy.

Preventative Blood Work – Not every medical problem can be easily detected on the surface of the skin. That’s why our comprehensive wellness care includes preventative blood work, which allows us to learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body and identify any potential medical concerns so we can address them right away.

Preventative Dental Care – Healthy gums and clean teeth do more than just prevent bad breath; they can actually improve the length and quality of your pet’s life. Our wellness visits include a dental exam to check for any signs of dental disease. We’ll also offer tips and recommendations for home dental care.

Parasite Prevention – All companion animals are at risk of getting parasites, both external and internal, and these little pests can do everything from causing your pet discomfort to shortening their life. What’s more, many parasites can spread from animals to the humans in your home. We’ll develop a personalized parasite prevention plan that will keep both your four-legged and your two-legged family members safe.

Nutrition – Diet and exercise play an important role in helping your pet enjoy a lifetime of good health. Our nutritional counseling can help ensure that your pet’s dietary needs are being properly met and that he or she remains active to help maintain a healthy weight.

Grooming and Bathing – Keeping your pet healthy on the outside is equally as important as wellness on the inside. Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital recommends regular grooming and bathing as part of a comprehensive wellness care approach.

Finally, routine wellness visits provide our doctors and care team members the opportunity to get to know you and your pet on a more personal level. We want to develop a lifelong relationship with you and to foster a strong bond with your cherished companion, because we believe that this is the foundation for providing the best possible veterinary care throughout your pet’s entire life.

Puppy and Kitten Wellness Care

New kittens and puppies need special care that will help them develop into strong, healthy adult cats and dogs. Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital offers extensive yet affordable plans for our youngest patients that are specifically designed to provide them with all of the essential care needed to prepare them for a lifetime of good health. These “Puppy Packs” and “Kitten Kits” include:

  • Complete 12 Body System Exam
  • Customized Vaccination Plan
  • Fecal Examination
  • De-Worming Medication
  • Complimentary Dose of Parasite Prevention (first visit only)

At Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital, we recognize the special role your pet plays within your family. Let our wellness care and preventative medicine services extend the time you get to spend with your pet and make those years as happy and healthy as possible.

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