Your pet is more than just an animal – he or she is a part of your family. At Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital, we know that bringing a member of the family in for surgery – whether two-legged or four-legged – can be a challenging, sometimes stressful time for you both. We want to set your mind at ease and will work hard to make your pet’s surgery as stress-free an experience as possible. Whatever your pet’s surgical needs, you can feel confident that they’ll be in excellent hands with our team!

Our veterinarians are highly skilled and experienced in performing a broad range of surgeries, from routine spays and neuters to complex orthopedic procedures. We use the most modern equipment and up to date surgical techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. Regardless of the type of surgery being performed, we place the safety and comfort of our patients as our top priority at all times.

Prior to undergoing surgery, your pet will receive a thorough physical examination, including a number of diagnostic tests, which will help us to determine whether he or she is healthy enough to proceed. If everything goes well, we’ll then schedule your pet’s procedure and develop a customized pain management plan that is tailored to your companion’s specific needs. This will ensure that he or she remains as comfortable as possible throughout the surgical process, with the least amount of risk.

We use only the best available anesthetic products, which have been expertly chosen because of their safety and effectiveness. Pain medication will be carefully administered by our well trained veterinary technicians, who will also be available to assist with surgery and monitor your pet’s vital signs throughout the procedure. Our modern equipment allows us to keep a close eye on such things as heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation and EKG to ensure your pet’s wellbeing at all times while in our care.

After surgery, we will carefully relocate your pet to our comfortable, quiet recovery area where we will continue to monitor them as they come out of anesthesia. One of our friendly staff members will reach out to you to let you know how everything went and schedule a time for you to come pick up your pet. When you arrive, we’ll take some time to explain our post-operative care instructions, including an appropriate pain management plan that will help your pet recover comfortably.

Whatever your pet’s surgical needs, you can feel confident that the caring, experienced team at Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital will deliver the quality care needed to get your pet fixed up and back on his or her feet again as soon as possible.

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