Keeping up with your pet’s nutrition is an important part of his or her overall care. Not every pet food is created equal, and each pet’s needs are unique. What’s more, companion animals that are even just a few pounds overweight can be at a greater risk of developing a number of serious, sometimes life threatening medical conditions. Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital offers professional nutritional counseling and weight management services to ensure that your companion is provided with the right diet to support his or her specific needs, and an exercise plan that will help your pet achieve and maintain his or her ideal weight.

We’ll start by conducting a detailed nutritional analysis of your pet to determine his or her specific needs. We’ll ask you questions about your companion’s lifestyle and consider a variety of factors, such as age, breed and overall health. Then, we’ll use the information we gather to develop a unique nutritional plan that will support your pet’s optimum health. If your companion suffers from an existing medical problem, we may recommend a prescription diet to help manage his or her ongoing health.

We’ll also work closely with you to ensure that your four-legged friend is receiving the right amount of exercise. Physical activity should be an important part of every companion animal’s daily routine. Even pets that are older or suffer from medical conditions should remain active to stay as healthy and fit as possible. Our doctors and support team will determine which types of activities would be best suited for your pet to help them shave off any extra pounds and reach a more healthy weight.

You want what’s best for your companion and so do we! We want to help ensure that your pet enjoys as many years as possible by your side. Let us work with you to provide a customized diet and exercise plan that will bring out the very best in your furry family member!

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