Because our pets cannot speak to let us know when they’re not feeling well, it’s up to us to be able to recognize the signs that something may be wrong and take the appropriate measures to address the problem in a timely manner. What’s more, many companion animals have a high tolerance for pain, so identifying a potential concern or its source is not always easy. At Noah’s Westside Animal Hospital, we utilize a broad range of veterinary diagnostic services that allow us to look below the surface of the skin to learn what’s happening inside your pet’s body so we can reach a fast and accurate diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

Our comprehensive list of diagnostic services includes everything from routine lab work such as blood and urinalysis to advanced imaging services like x-rays and ultrasound. Each of these tools arm our doctors with the ability to quickly and accurately identify, diagnose and treat a wide variety of illnesses, diseases and injuries. With many medical conditions, time is of the essence. The ability to get to the bottom of the problem quickly is critical to achieving a positive outcome. Our facility features an in-house laboratory, aiding in the fast and accurate retrieval of test results.

The diagnostic services provided at Noah’s Westside include but are not limited to:

  • Blood Work
  • Urinalysis
  • Fecal Testing
  • Parasite Testing
  • Testing for Infectious Disease
  • Allergy Screening
  • Digital Radiology (X-ray)
  • Dental X-ray
  • Ultrasound Imaging

On rare occasions, our experienced doctors may feel that more extensive or specialized testing is required for optimum patient care. In situations such as this, we rely on a number of qualified outside laboratories, with whom we have developed strong working relationships. We feel this allows us to consistently offer our patients the very best care available.

Rest assured that whatever may be ailing your companion, we’re well equipped and fully prepared to get to the bottom of it so we can get your pet back on the path to good health again as soon as possible.

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