The internet is a wealth of information – so much so that sometimes locating quality websites can be challenging. That’s why our staff has taken the time to find a few links to share with you that we think you’ll find helpful:

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is a nonprofit association representing more than 82,500 veterinarians working in private and corporate practice, government, industry, academia, and uniformed services. The AVMA acts as a collective voice for its membership and for the profession.

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ASPCA Poison Control

This is an excellent online resource for any animal poison-related emergency, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The ASPCA’s Animal Poison Control Center provides a helpful quick reference list of common plants that are known to be poisonous to pets. It also provides further information regarding symptoms and the degree of toxicity.

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Healthy Pet by American Animal Hospital Association

A wealth of resources from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), including pet care resources, information on breed, behavior, disease, animal bond, nutrition, pet care tips, preventive care info, adoption, relocation and travel tips, as well as a section dedicated to children, which contains a variety of fun animal-related games and activities.

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Veterinary Partner

The Veterinary Partner website provides pet owners with information about general pet health and care, nutrition, behavior, first aid and emergency preparedness, medications and various medical conditions. Whatever you’re looking for, if it’s information that will make your pet happier and healthier, you’ll find it here! Try browsing around in the Pet Connection with nationally syndicated pet expert and author Gina Spadafori. You can even submit your question to be answered by a veterinary professional.

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Companion Animal Parasite Counsil

The Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) is an independent council of veterinarians, veterinary parasitologists, and other animal health care professionals that was established to create guidelines for the optimal control of internal and external parasites that threaten the health of pets and people. The Pets and Parasites website provides a wealth of information for dog and cat owners and educational resources to help keep pets safe from dangerous parasites.

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Indy Lost Pet Alert

Indy Lost Pet Alert is a free posting service for people who have lost or found a pet in Indianapolis and the surrounding area. The aim of the website is to reunite pets with their owners, reduce the number of strays entering local shelters, increase the exposure of strays in shelters, and assist in educating the public on responsible pet ownership. Visit the Indy Lost Pet Alert website to report a lost or found pet, and learn more about the organization.

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Growing Up With Pets

Growing Up With Pets is an educational program devoted to bringing parents a resource for information and advice on how to help them foster strong, healthy relationships between their children and their pets. Find a huge selection of helpful tips and informative articles as well as a section designed specifically for children.

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Veterinary Cancer Society

The Veterinary Cancer Society (VCS) is a non-profit educational organization consisting of nearly 1000 specialists in medical, surgical, and radiation oncology, internists, pathologists, pharmacologists and general practitioners from around the world. Each day, hundreds of animals are diagnosed with cancer and pet owners across the US and around the world reach out to VCS asking for information and assistance in finding treatment options for their cherished companions. The VCS website provides answers to many of the questions pet owners ask about cancer and can assist in finding options that may exist within the community or through the use of clinical trials.

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Trupanion Pet Insurance

Trupanion is dedicated to providing the best pet insurance plan possible in order to help easily and safely protect pets. They offer plans that cover accidents, illnesses, diagnostic testing, surgeries, medications, and lab work. They also offer fair premiums and customizable deductibles so anyone can afford to insure their pets, regardless of budget. Visit the website to learn more or get a free quote.

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American Association of Feline Practitioners

The American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP) aims to improve the health and welfare of cats by supporting high standards of practice, continuing education, and scientific investigation. The AAFP website features a variety of helpful resources, including a comprehensive list of cat health topics such as feline vaccine guidelines to assist pet owners.

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Dog Flu

Did you know that dogs can get the flu too? In fact, cases of canine influenza (aka dog flu) have been confirmed in almost every state in the country. That means that almost every dog is at risk of this highly contagious respiratory virus. This website offers important information about dog flu, including resources relating to diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Check it out and let’s help keep your furry friend safe! CLICK HERE to find out more about what you need to know about the Canine Flu.

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