Kitten Care 101

Are you adopting a kitten? Congratulations! We love watching kitties grow from adorable balls of fur into happy, healthy adult cats. Your new pet is sure to put lots of smiles on your face. Little Fluffy will also keep you on your toes. Baby cats may be small, but they can actually be quite a handful! A Westside, IN vet discusses kitten care in this article.


Getting your pint-sized pet a litterbox and litter may seem pretty simple, but there are actually a few things to keep in mind when you go shopping. First and foremost, you’ll want to avoid clay and clumping litters for now. Kittens can be, well, a bit clumsy. Your tiny feline could accidentally ingest some litter, which can be very dangerous. You may also want to start with a small litterbox.


Little Fluffy will sleep a lot, but when she’s awake, she’ll probably occupy herself by trying to get into as much mischief as possible. Therefore, you’ll need to do some kittenproofing. Remove or secure toxic plants; plastic bags and ties; chemicals; medicine; wires and cords; and anything small or sharp. We also recommend keeping major appliances, such as washers and dryers, shut when not in use, and sealing off any openings your furry little explorer could squeeze into.

Veterinary Care

Your tiny furball will need to visit the vet several times while she’s little. Kittens should be microchipped, spayed or neutered, and kept current with exams, vaccinations, and parasite control products. At home, you’ll want to watch for any potential signs of illness. Little Fluffy may think she’s invincible, but our feline pals are actually quite fragile, and can get sick very fast, especially when they are little. Ask your vet for more information.


Now for the cute part! Get your kitty plenty of fun toys, and play with her daily. This is also the time to teach your furball good petiquette. Little Fluffy will probably want to practice her pouncing and scratching skills on you. This may be cute at first, but if you don’t nip this bad habit in the bud, you could end up with an aggressive—or even dangerous—pet. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures: your kitty’s adorable toddler stage will pass quickly!

Is your kitten ready for veterinary care? Contact us! As your Westside, IN animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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