Caring for Your Dog’s Ears

Did you know that March 3rd is International Ear Care Day? This one applies to both pets and people! Keeping your ears—and your pet’s ears—healthy is very important! Read on as a local Westside, IN vet discusses caring for your dog’s ears.


To clean your canine buddy’s ears, you’ll want to use cotton balls and an ear-cleaning solution for pets. Never use swabs or sharp objects: this can be very dangerous!

Warning Signs

Fido can’t tell you if his ears are bothering him, so it’s important for you to watch for potential warning signs. Your canine friend may paw at his ears if he has an earache. He may also shake his head, or even try to rub his head against things. A foul odor is also a sign of ear infections in Man’s Best Friend. Ask your vet for more information on signs of ear trouble.


It’s worth noting that dogs with those cute floppy ears tend to be a little more prone to ear infections than pointy-eared pooches. This is because flappy ears trap moisture and can also block air flow. Given that Fido’s ears are full of ridges and pockets, this makes a very inviting habitat for harmful bacteria. Allergies can also cause ear problems in our four-legged buddies.


Some dogs need their ears cleaned more often than others do. Dogs with floppy ears tend to need quite a bit of care in this department, because, as mentioned above, they can be very susceptible to ear trouble. Generally, weekly cleanings are fine for most dogs, but be sure to check with your vet for specific advice.

Ear Hair

Another thing you may want to ask your vet about is trimming Fido’s ear hair, especially if you take him to a groomer. In some cases, your vet may recommend getting this trimmed. In other cases, removing ear hair can potentially cause issues.

Hearing Loss

Just like people, dogs sometimes experience a decline in their hearing as they grow older. If you’ve noticed Fido doesn’t respond very quickly when you call him, he may be losing his hearing. Contact your vet right away.

Do you know or suspect that your pet is having trouble with his ears? Call us! As your local Westside, IN animal clinic, we are here to serve all of your dog’s veterinary care needs.

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