Are Veterinary House Calls Right for You?

Have you ever considered scheduling a veterinary house call for your pet’s next appointment? Many people don’t realize that this is an option, as it isn’t something that all animal clinics offer. We do house calls, and with good reason: it can make things much easier on both pets and pet parents! Read on as a local Westside, IN vet discusses veterinary house calls, and who can benefit from them.

Big Dogs

We love big dogs! Many giant pooches have giant hearts, and are basically big, furry cuddlebugs. However, getting a large breed into the car and to an appointment isn’t always easy, especially if Fido isn’t feeling well, or suffers from age-related issues, like arthritis.

Pets With Mobility Issues

Just like people, pets can be afflicted by a variety of health issues. Many of these problems, such as hip dysplasia and arthritis, can make it hard for our animal companions to get around. For instance, older dogs often have trouble getting in and out of cars. Kitties, on the other hand, can become quite stiff, and may not enjoy being handled or picked up. Why not let your furry buddy take it easy at home?

Multiple Pets

Do you have more than one furkid? If so, taking your pets to the vet may be a bit of a chore: you’ll have to either set individual appointments, or get all of your furry buddies into their carriers at once and bring them to the office together. House calls allow your vet to treat all of your four-legged pals at the same time, with much less work on your part!

Parent Convenience

Pet owners can also benefit from veterinary house calls. Stay-at-home parents and caregivers, people with transportation and/or mobility issues, and folks that work at home may all find that veterinary house calls are a great option for them. People with busy schedules also often prefer this option. After all, if the vet comes to you, you won’t have to waste any time sitting in traffic!


Keep in mind that house calls aren’t necessarily the right option for every pet. Some of our furry patients will need to come in to the office. Ask your vet for specific recommendations.

Do you have questions about setting up a veterinary house call? Call us! As your Westside, IN animal clinic, we’re here to help!

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